Confessions of a Lazy Trader

I think Americans have it all wrong when it comes to what we call “work ethic.”

The term is actually defined as “the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous and worthy of reward.”

But as a society, we’ve somehow agreed to use “working long hours” as an appropriate gauge of one’s work ethic – and thus, by extension, how much virtue and reward is owed to the guy who pulls 80-hour work weeks.

Investors, I think, see it differently. And rightfully so.

To us, passive income is the ultimate goal.

We want our investments to work hard for us. But we wisely realize that doesn’t mean we have to work around the clock to achieve market-beating returns and high income.

In fact, the lack of a direct relationship between “hours worked” and “money earned” is a defining characteristic of investing, setting it apart from most other wealth-building pursuits.

Think about the careers of doctors, lawyers, scientists, and engineers. In general, the more hours these folks work… the more financial and professional success they tend to achieve.

They earn it, for sure! And I’d never take that away from them.

But if you’re even a bit like me and my friend Lee Lowell – two Wall Street veterans who (now) value our time and personal freedom as much, if not more, than money – wouldn’t you be satisfied earning a living, and building a sizeable nest egg, as a “lazy” trader?

Listen, I’m not calling Lee “lazy.” (Or myself, for that matter!)

As the newest member of our Dent Research team, he’s hit the ground running with insightful articles in The Rich Investor and a soon-to-be-released training session on his instant income secret.

I’m only saying that Lee, like me, doesn’t equate 80-hour work weeks with success.

We’ve both “been there, done that.”

I began my career working for brokerage firms and hedge funds. And Lee spent nearly a decade trading in the pits of the New York Mercantile Exchange.

We put in the hours and paid our dues. But eventually, we came to realize there was a better way to make money on our terms… and a better way to live a life of personal freedom.

Essentially, we chose the life of a “lazy trader.”

Don’t get me wrong – we work hard!

But we don’t pull 80-hour work weeks just to impress our boss.

Rather, we’ve chosen a path that allows us to work for ourselves – and for you – not for the shareholders and C-suite execs of Wall Street’s top firms.

Lee’s strategy, which he’s shared with everyday folks for the past 10 years, is all about passive income.

And while he spends a good deal of time researching which companies are best-suited for his cash-payouts strategy (hint: it’s typically ultra-conservative “blue chip” stocks)… the implementation of Lee’s strategy is about as “lazy” as it gets.

When he identifies a cash-payout opportunity in the market, it typically takes as few as two minutes to execute the deal and collect the payment.

The money hits his account instantly (I guess that’s where he gets the name Instant Income from). And then, all he and his subscribers have to do is sit back and passively wait for the deal to “close” a few months later.

Like I said, it’s about as “lazy” as it gets.

But since there’s no direct relationship between “hours worked” and “money earned,” when it comes to investing… Lee’s strategy has been able to rack up considerable profits with little effort.

Over the past 10 years, Lee has identified nearly 200 cash-payout deals, ranging from $250 to $2,000 each. And since he very, very rarely finds himself in a bad deal (his win-rate is an astonishing 95%!)… the passive income his subscribers can collect sure adds up quickly!

Lee’s strategy isn’t for everyone.

I’ve found that some people are simply gluttons for punishment when it comes to slogging away at the office (aka “workaholics”).

But, if you’re even mildly interested in learning how you can add a “lazy trader’s” stream of passive income to your life, I highly recommend you watch Lee’s training session.

— Adam O’Dell